Who Are We?

Hi there!

Welcome to The Dog Mom Store! I'm Penelope, the Founder of The Dog Mom Store and that's me👆🏼💕

I created the Dog Mom Store because I love being a Dog Mom, I love my dogs, I adore spending time with them and I know there's so many people out there that feel the same.

I believe in living life to the fullest and for me that means being surrounded by loved ones and adventuring with my dogs.I really enjoy design and have had so much fun designing our range of Dog Mom and Dog apparel (Zelda & Harley). 

My goal from this business is to help loving dog moms to live their happiest lives. The form that this takes is unique to each of us but we should feel stylish & comfortable while doing so. The same goes for our lovely dogs!I

hope you love what we have to offer and join our community of Dog Moms.

With Love,

Penelope 💕

The Dog Mom Store Customers Living Their Best Life!