Safety Tips for a Dog-Friendly Easter

Safety Tips for a Dog-Friendly Easter

Hi Dog Moms,

Easter is just around the corner which many people across the US celebrate.

As a fellow dog mom, I know how much we adore including our fur babies in our special moments, and Easter is no exception! To ensure a safe and enjoyable celebration, I'd like to share a few personal tips on what to watch out for during the festivities.

  1. Keep an Eye on Those Easter Treats: I've learned from experience that our pups can't resist the tempting smells of chocolate, candy, and baked goods. Since these treats can be harmful to dogs, always be sure to store them securely and out of your fur baby's reach to avoid any mishaps.

  2. Beware of Those Lovely Easter Plants: While Easter lilies and other spring flowers look beautiful, they can be dangerous if our curious dogs happen to munch on them. I make it a point to keep these plants away from my furry friends or choose pet-safe alternatives to keep them safe.

  3. Mind the Tiny Decorations: We all love adorning our homes with festive Easter decorations, but small items like plastic eggs, fake grass, and trinkets can pose a choking hazard. To keep my pups safe, I ensure that these items are out of reach or simply skip them altogether.

  4. Keep a Close Watch on Outdoor Fun: If you're hosting an outdoor Easter celebration like I do, always keep an eye on your dog to make sure they don't accidentally eat anything harmful or slip away unnoticed. I've found that having a secure, designated space for my dog to play in during the festivities works wonders!

With these heartfelt tips in mind, I hope you and your furry family member have a fantastic and safe Easter celebration!

Penelope 💕

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